Property valuer's training

Basic and advanced training for property valuers, preparing for the HypZert certification

Property valuer’s training is directly linked to the safety aspect central to mortgage loans. Only on the sound basis of the prudently calculated mortgage lending value can long-term loans have the system-immanent low risk profile through which the Pfandbrief ranks as a cheap funding source.

As co-founder of HypZert GmbH, today´s vdp has since 1996 been committed to ensuring qualification standards for property valuers.

The training materials needed for the certification of property valuers for mortgage lending valuations (CIS HypZert F) are provided by the vdp and taught at the following banking academies:
· Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (formerly Bankakademie)
· Deutsche Sparkassenakademie
· Akademie deutscher Genossenschaften
· VÖB-Service GmbH

The content of the study course is as follows:

· Basics of property valuation
· Basics of economics and business administration
· Mathematics and statistics
· Determining the market value
· Real estate appraising
· Real estate credit and the safety of the Pfandbrief
· Hedging credit risks with real estate liens
· Determining the mortgage lending value
· The property market in Germany
· Special effects with regard to property valuations
· International property markets and their valuation procedures
· Project development
· Basics of construction technology

Moreover, the vdp has published some study guides (“Studienbriefe”) in its series of papers (“Schriftenreihe”) or in booklet form:

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