Real estate finance – Other publications

Apart from our "Real Estate Banking – Committed to Professionalism" Fact Book, the vdp offers a wide range of publications covering real estate finance. You can find them here. 

They include "Real Estate Specials", several brochures as well as books from the vdp series of papers ("vdp-Schriftenreihe").

Many brochures can be downloaded as a pdf file, others can be ordered through our Order Center.

Real Estate Spotlight
vdp’s “Schriftenreihe” (series of papers)
Model Agreement for Portfolio Loans
Germany's Pfandbrief Banks are market leaders in commercial real estate finance in Germany. As a service to its member institutions as well as to their customers, it has developed a model contract for an Investment Portfolio Loan Agreement that can be downloaded here.

The Association of German Pfandbrief banks aims to provide an alternative to Anglo-American drafts that can be very extensive. This blueprint comprises just 41 pages.
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