Transparency of Pfandbrief Cover Pools - 1st Quarter 2009

Pfandbriefe outstanding and their Cover


- Mortgage Pfandbriefe (chart)


- Public Pfandbriefe (chart)


- Mortgage Pfandbriefe (table)

- Public Pfandbriefe (table)

Mortgage Pfandbriefe

 - Cover Assets according to building types

- Cover Assets by States

Claims used to cover Mortgage Pfandbriefe according to the States in which the real property is located, according to the property type and the total amaount of payments in arrears for at least 90 days

Public Pfandbriefe

- Cover Assets by type of borrower

- Cover Assets by States

Total volume of claims used to cover Public Pfandbriefe and total of payments at least 90 days in arrears

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