Head Office

Our Headquarters: Management Board and specialist departments:

Pfandbrief, Capital Markets

Sascha Kullig
Department Head

Sascha Asfandiar
Manager Capital Markets

Swen Prilla
Expert Capital Markets

Regulatory Affairs and Risk Management

Eva-Maria Kienesberger
Department Head

Bastian Blasig
Manager Regulatory Affairs

Patrick Mueller
Expert Regulatory Affairs and Risk Management

Domestic Real Estate Finance, Valuations

Achim Reif
Department Head

Annett Wünsche
Senior Manager Valuations


Dr. Helga Bender
Department Head

Yvonne Sternkopf

Christian Walburg
Manager Investor Relations

EU-Office Brussels

Wolfgang Kälberer
Department Head

Inga Hager
Deputy Head

Cover Assets

Dr. Otmar Stöcker
Department Head

Andreas Luckow
Deputy Department Head

Jörg Meincke
Senior Manager Ship and Aircraft Finance

Dr. Winnie Hartisch
Manager Public Finance

Dr. Kerstin Lappe
Manager Domestic Law of Real Estate Finance


If you wish to send an e-mail to an individual vdp employee, his/her e-mail-address is the last name (without Dr., if applicable, ä=ae, ö=oe, ü=ue) @pfandbrief.de

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