Traditional Pfandbriefe

Traditional Pfandbriefe are governed by the same safety requirements as Jumbo Pfandbriefe. Both Pfandbrief types are subject to the stringent provisions of the Pfandbrief Act. 

Traditional Pfandbriefe differ in terms of structuring:

  • Issue size
    Whereas Jumbo Pfandbriefe must have an outstanding volume of at least EUR 1 billion, there is no Minimum size for traditional Pfandbriefe.

  • Registered Pfandbriefe
    Traditional Pfandbriefe can be issued in the form both of bearer Pfandbriefe and of registered Pfandbriefe. This possibility is not given with Jumbo Pfandbriefe.

    Tailor-made Pfandbriefe
    The Minimum Standards ensure that Jumbo Pfandbriefe remain a heavily standardized and, with that, a highly liquid product. The structuring of traditional Pfandbriefe, on the other hand, is usually very much geared to the interests of certain investors.

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