Successful take-off of the first Aircraft Pfandbrief

With today's placement of the first Aircraft Pfandbrief, this new Pfandbrief type, governed by the German Pfandbrief Act, had a successful start. „We are pleased with this successful debut issue and the opening of an additional segment of the Pfandbrief market that comes with it“, said Jens Tolckmitt, Chief Executive of the Association of German Pfandbrief Banks (vdp). „In times of increasing demand in aircraft finance the Aircraft Pfandbrief offers German Pfandbrief Banks active in that segment funding at favorable terms. At the same time, investors have a further attractive option to diversify their portfolios“, Tolckmitt said. „As with the other Pfandbrief types, the strict legal framework of the German Pfandbrief also provides for a high level of safety of the Aircraft Pfandbrief.“

NordLB was the first Pfandbrief Bank to take advantage of the possibility created by the Pfandbrief Act amendment of March 2009, it has placed an Aircraft Pfandbrief with a volume of 500 million Euros successfully on the capital market. The vdp expects additional issuance of Aircraft Pfandbrief within the next months. However, the association assumes that as with Mortgage and Ship Pfandbrief, only a fraction of the aircraft loan portfolio of its members of about 30 billion Euros can and will be funded through Aircraft Pfandbrief issuance.

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